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This is a government-sponsored quit smoking support line – the website provides some information about what you can expect if you call.  Since it’s government sponsored, it’s free.

The site has a series of videos to answer some common questions about quitting smoking and using the quit line.  However, the videos don’t all match up to the questions listed, and the ones I listened to tended to cut off in the middle, so the site may be having some technical problems.

Nonetheless, free phone-based quit smoking support could be helpful.  I’d certainly be interested in hearing if anyone has tried this particular one, and what it was like for you.

Let others know what you think: If you have personal experience with this resource or have an alternative suggestion, add your comments below.

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  • Edith King October 6, 2011, 12:05 PM

    I’ve tryied it.There some what helpful they will call you from time to time and there’s a hot line.sometimes you can get 14 patches for free.

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