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Quit Smoking Advisor


The Quit Smoking Advisor site is the companion site to this one.  On that site I describe various methods for quitting – from Acupuncture to Zyban – and try to provide science-based information about how well each one works.  You’ll find info about prescription drugs, nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gum, natural methods, acupuncture, hypnosis, and various programs, including residential smoking cessation programs.

For each method, I summarize what I could find in the scientific literature about the effectiveness, and then I stick my neck out just a little and provide some recommendations based on everything I learned while researching the method.

Be warned that this is an information-laden site, so it’s very text-heavy.  If you want straight-up information about a method you’re considering, poke around in that area of the site so you can make an informed decision before you start.

If you’re curious about a method that’s not discussed on the Quit Smoking Advisor site, dash me off an e-mail with your question, and I’ll try to answer it either in this blog, or on the QSA site.

Let all of us know what you think: If you have kudos or (constructive) criticism for the Quit Smoking Advisor site, feel free to add a comment below.

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