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Affiliate Disclosure Statement

You may have noticed that from time to time I recommend specific products or services that I think my be helpful to you, and often include a link to the item. Some (but not all) of these links are what are known as “affiliate links,” which means that I may receive a small commission if you purchase something after clicking through a link from my site. These commissions are put to use to support the Quit Smoking Advisor and Ask the Advisor websites.

There are two important things to understand about affiliate links:

First, I never recommend any product just because I may get a commission. I only recommend items I’ve personally had success with, or have otherwise researched thoroughly and feel comfortable/confident recommending. In other words, I’d recommend the item whether there was a commission involved or not.

Second, if you do purchase something I’ve recommended, it doesn’t cost you anything extra just because I may get a small commission. In fact, I work hard to find the best prices for the things I use, so when I do recommend something, I generally try include a link to the place I found it the cheapest. Additionally, because of my relationship with the company, I sometimes have the opportunity to pass on special savings or discounts, which means you may actually save money.

A Partial List of Companies I Affiliate With

I’m selective about who I choose to affiliate with both in my personal life and in business. Below is a list of companies that I do business with myself for which you may see occasional affiliate links on this website. I recommend them because I have personal experience with them and I trust them.

Life Extension Foundation (www.lef.org)

If you haven’t heard of these folks, they have been working for more than three decades to help people optimize their health with documented scientific therapies. If you’ve ever been prescribed some medication to deal with a problem only to discover later that there was a simple, inexpensive non-prescription solution with no side effects that would have done the job as well or better, you’ve probably experienced the frustration that the LEF folks are trying to help eliminate. You can read a little more here about their track record over the years for making evidence-based health recommendations before mainstream medicine. They also have an extensive library of articles that document the latest scientific research about a variety of health topics as well as science-based advice about how to deal with a variety of health issues. Besides very high-quality supplements, if you’re really determined to take control of your health, you can also order your own blood tests.

As an ex-smoker, you may find yourself motivated to improve your health in ways you never even thought about before. If that’s you, the LEF folks can help.

Vitamin Shoppe (www.vitaminshoppe.com)

I use the Vitamin Shoppe for cost-effective supplements, including certain vitamins and minerals, and also for protein powders and such. They have frequent sales (discount on purchases over a certain amount, and buy-one-get-one 50% off, etc.) so if you pay attention you can stock up on the things you use regularly. They also have free shipping in the US for orders over $25.

Amazon (www.amazon.com)

Amazon is my go-to site for lots of things, including price-checking and reading reviews. (If you haven’t visited Amazon lately, they don’t just sell books anymore – they have everything from kitchen stuff and groceries to electronics and computers.) I personally order from Amazon often enough that it’s worth it for me to do the Prime membership (which, besides free shipping also includes instant video and music, Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, etc.). Amazon often has the best price on things I’m looking for, and they usually get the item to my front door sooner than I would be able to make time to go to the store for it. With their great selection, great prices, and excellent service, I’m happy to be an Amazon affiliate.